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The Living Waters Vision

Our goal is simply this:
To help as many people as possible to the fullest of our capacity.
Your needs and wishes are our highest concern.

Our Story

I am Gerard Wellemeyer, owner and operator of Living Waters Aquariums & Ponds. I was born and raised in south-central Kansas and have made Wichita my forever home. I have 20 years of experience dedicated to pets, their owners, and outfitting them for a lasting pet-owner relationship. In 2007 I created Black Pearl Aquatics, and in 2018, I rebranded my service company as Living Waters. We offer aquarium and pond maintenance, cleaning, installation, and emergency services throughout Wichita and adjacent counties. We boast in our knowledgeable, friendly, and professional staff. Our goal with Living Waters is to create a lasting partnership with each patron to enhance and enrich the your aquatic experiences.

Meet the Team

At Living Waters, we are people that set out to help other people! Are you the next one to receive our service?


Gerard Wellemeyer

Team Leader

focused, inspired, waterbird.

Gerard is a fish lover and especially a turtle lover. He is the oldest in a family of 7: both creative and responsible. Celebrate 21 summers with him as your fish scooper extraordinaire!



Jade Stauffer

Team Member

fun-loving, free-spirited, helpful.

Jade is always willing to add energy and sparkle to your day!


Josh Campbell

Team Member

loyal, helpful, salt of the earth!

Josh is always interested in learning, loves cooking, and loves the outdoors!

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