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Industrial & Residential Neighborhood Retention Pond management service.

Provider of Stormwater BMP Algaecide Control Maintenance in in Ark City, El Dorado, Hutchinson, Newton & Salina.

 We spray pond scum & kill weeds efficiently! Tame your pond plants with cleaner results!

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Algae Scum & Pondweed Treatment
We clean your ecosystem

with positive effects on the environment

Integrated Weed Management
Ugly pond? Do you have problems with cattails? Marginal Pondweeds?

conventional or integrated management for long-term fixes.

Aquatic Pest Control
Calm water. Calm nights.

We control mosquitoes and medicate fish diseases.

Pond Scum & Water Clarity Improvement
Does your water look sick?

We deliver overnight results and create a self-cleaning pond!

Waterfall Aeration Fountain Installation
The sight of tumbling water connects us to nature.

There is no water too deep, no mountain too high for Living Waters to move on your property.

Wet Landscape Beautification
Rain gardens of colorful annuals & perennials absorb swampy pollution.

Wildflower Waterfilters are a self-sustaining BMP.

Fishing Improvements
Do you want a better fishing experience?

We guarantee our products produce healthier fish faster!

Pond & Fountain Repairs
Receive a free estimate from a qualified tech!

We also repair erosion, pumps, waterfalls & more.

Environmental Cleanup
Put us in charge of the details on this unpleasant job before it gets worse.

We clean-up summerkill and winterkill events.


When I was a child, mucky ponds covered with algae or duckweed looked scary: thats where an alligator might live.

As adults, we recognize our biological fear of unhealthy, spoiled water. Ponds in our communities sometimes gather stringy mats of floating algae, losing all pleasantry and usefulness. The pleasant wildlife leave your pond when the fish run out of room to swim.


Restore your pond’s purpose quickly! Gaze upon your clean pond!
We specialize in treating floating & filamentous algae, floating plants, submersed plants, and emersed or marginal plants.

Living Waters Aquariums & Ponds will commonly control duckweed, watermill, filamentous algae, azolla, chara-stonewort, milfoil-myriophyllum, coontail-hornwort, najas-bushy pondweed, elodea-anacharis & potamageton.

For large bodies of water, we apply treatments from portable watercraft.

Kansas Pesticide License #100057


Did you know that Cattails are the breeding zone for a type of mosquito known to carry diseases such as West Nile?

We isolate invasive cattails and eliminate common reed. We destroy weeds on the banks and in the rip-rap. And we control all plants above and below the water.

“All aquatic plants can grow like weeds”

This is the general mindset of an aquatic landscape professional. Therefore Living Waters knows a watch list of hypo-allergenic helper plants that our management team protects. All other plants are on our bad list.


We use a combination of conventional low-impact herbicides*, mechanical equipment, and over-seeding to get the job done right the first time. Your retention pond and the pipes connected to it are regulated Storm-water BMPs. We remove overgrowth and woody vegetation that is non-compliant with the BMPs. We control poison ivy, typha, bulrush, juncus rush, cutgrass, johnson grass, reed canary grass, creeping water primrose, and even willow. Living Waters promotes the growth of native primrose, purslane, asters & frogfruit to beautify the grossest looking areas of your pond. With the control of Cattails and weeds, our aquatic vegetation management will give you a view of the butterflies and songbirds that rely upon ponds and lowland flowers.


We know the best management procedures. We eliminate weedy aquatic undergrowth and algae in as little as 3 months! If your problem is small we may deliver an immediate solution! Our aggressive, bass-friendly techniques will eliminate all problematic pond weeds within 15 months! We use the fishery secrets.

Please contact us if your pond needs improved management.

*Kansas Pesticide License #10057

swamp sunflower
Monarchs on Swamp Milkweed



We specialize in pesticide algaecide & herbicide chemical applications to standing or running water.

Living Waters has over 20 years experience with identifying & treating fish disease. In necessary situations we are capable of isolating a fish that shows signs of infection, and netting the individual. Based upon the signs of infection, and an inspection of the fish, we are equipped to collect a scraping. Using the slimy residue of this scraping, we prepare a glass slide and visually confirm the presence of fish disease under microscope.


In some cases it will not be practical to control fish diseases. To find out what action you can take over your fish disease, please call us.


Living Waters Aquariums & Ponds will stop swampy mosquito breeding habitats with pesticides! If you have a mosquito larva infestation in your pond, we can eradicate the problem at its source habitat with an integrated pesticide application, saving you big time and money in the long run!

Kansas Pesticide License #100057


Do you have mucky water? We eliminate all forms of algae fast! Good water quality is vital to the native streams and rivers that your community is built upon.

Low-maintenance is everyone’s desire.


Living Waters uses labor-saving practices to improve the bio-filtration of your pond and stream. Your living pond changes with the yearly weather cycle. When the weather gets hot, your pond is extremely affected runoff water: Sometimes your pond and the weather are both beautiful. Other times, the pond and the weather appear to be at-odds.

We want your pond environment to remain healthy & hypo-allergenic year-round, because neighborhood health & safety is our top concern. Living Waters technicians work with a combination of love and science. Our work may warrant the use of bio-remedies, good bacteria, enzymes, and most importantly- good circulation. With our basic comprehensive water quality management package, we distribute critical circulation and we disperse algae and vegetation control services.


We establish the basic water quality management package in one day.  However the benefits of our package may be reaped for 15 years or longer- We deliver our basic comprehensive package for $3990 for Wichita and Sedgwick County ponds  measuring 1/4 to 1 acre, circular, 9-15 feet deep.

  • eliminate murky brown-green water, using natural controls for phytoplankton.
  • wipe out toxic blue-green algae blooms
  • control pond scum- floating filamentous algae

Contact us for further details.


For further information on what pond fountain is right for your Kansas pond, see our buyer’s guide & FAQ


Enchant your neighborhood with the blooming beauty of a decorative fountain. Do you want your fountain pattern to be a rocket, geyser, umbrella, crown, or 2-tiered? Our floating fountains emit majestic plumes of water as high as 36′ into the air! We also provide a variety of fountain lights!


The EPA and Kansas Dept of Wildlife Parks & Tourism recommend aeration as the greatest way to improve pond water health. Living Waters Aquariums & Ponds installs air diffusers at calculated depths to efficiently “turn your pond”. As a result, you will have a self-cleaning pond environment.


We sell aesthetic power fountains to improve your water quality. More efficient than a decorative fountain, these fountains dually-serve as surface aerators with an attractive “V” shaped geyser. Living Waters recommends aerating fountains for a “shallow” pond with a depth between 15″ and 60″.


Living Waterfalls will create monumental beauty in your pond, and our well-designed waterfall will provide your pond more benefits than aerating fountains. Living Waters installs natural stone waterfalls of pristine delightfulness. They are resistant to the elements of time, weather, erosion, and foundation settling. Living Waters provides free estimates and design specifications for waterfalls, and our work is backed by a 3-year parts and labor-guarantee.

Landscaping for Ponds & Stormwater Runoff

We install pond landscape packages to abate stormwater and to control erosion.

Incorporating grasses and flowers, our landscape packages are distinguished for bold seasonal colors and ease of maintenance.

Our easy-care landscape packages involve tax-free flowers & native retention pond plants.

The flower blooms attract Monarch and other butterflies, finches, dragonflies, and hummingbirds from spring thru autumn, without any maintenance.**

Did you know? As an added benefit, dragonflies catch and eat mosquitos.


Pondside gardens are engineered to filter runoff, and they reduce pollution from yards and streets. Moreover, your pond’s surroundings will bear great influence on our installed design package. We encourage you to ask questions about our recommended design packages, and stay connected with us to see future design packages including Goldfinch Glade.

Butterfly Basin

located in a Northwest Wichita housing development, this perennial butterfly garden nestles a 1/3 acre pond between a poolhouse and a caldesac. Butterfly Basin features a border of evergreen sage, with blooms from Spring to Fall. Its prominent attraction is the “pink peak” of obedient flower blossoms, occuring from the peak to the end of summer.

Soil: Moist, Sandy Loam

Raparian Riff

Located in Herman Hill Park, the WATER Center boldly yields a rushing creek with naturalized grassy glades. Raparian Riff’s prominent feature is the variety of flowers and critters seen along the nature path. This stream habitat is wholly curated by Living Waters Aquariums & Ponds. Please visit Herman Hill Park and enjoy our beloved city.

Soil: Dry, Rich Sand

Prairie Fen

Prairie Fen is for sunny neighborhood ponds with rocky embankments. Prairie Fen yields rocky banks of annual flowers dotted with buttonbush, and hardy hibiscus. Borders of prairie dropseed grass, gayfeather and salvia close the gap between the lawn, but the big highlight is golden coreopsis… a midsummer blanket of blossoms.

Soil: Average, Rocky Lime/Loam

We recommend semi-annual maintenance on our established landscape designs. However, with every garden-including xeroscapes, regular maintenance is required to establish the plantings. This can be done monthly by a skilled gardener or with seasonal aquatic vegetation management, your landscape will become well-established in only one year.

Technical elements of our include rain gardens, bioswales, vegetative strips and other BMPs.

*done in accordance to EPA-based County & Stormwater Division regulations. Smart Landscape Designs meet all BMP design & safety standards.

**Use of fertilizers SHALL BE DILLIGENTLY AVOIDED within 10′ of all pond embankments.


Fishing is a magical outdoors activity loved by all ages of Kansans. However most retention ponds are not built expressedly for fishing. Living Waters offers multiple services for producing desireable fish populations. We guarantee to produce desired results in less than one year.

Kansas has great local fish farms that will stock your pond.

But Living Waters will do what no fish farm does. We quickly turn your pond into a self-sustaining fish farm- never stock your pond again!

A fish farm raises different types of fish in their own ponds. It has a complex web of life. However, your pond contains different types of fish growing, breeding, fighting, and competing for food. This means your pond is a VERY complex food web. You just want high-quality fishing. Producing quality fish is second-nature for Living Waters technicians. Because we know fish behavior, we can look at your pond and the catch it produces to discover ways to improve the quality of bass, bluegill, flatheads, channel catfish and other sport fishes.

This means we will restore or install:

  • non-snagging structures
  • long-lasting breeding zones
  • hunting spaces
  • foraging habitats
  • hiding spots
  • natural food sources

We also inquire about your fish harvesting practices. This is because we have the skill necessary to tailor our fish management program to fit common underfishing or overharvesting habits.

Recreational Sport Fish Management may be accompanied with Water Quality Management & Aquatic Vegetation Management products.

Living Waters remedies the causes of bad fishing.  If you need to improve your pond, please contact us today!


We repair fountains and we permanantly fix pond erosion!

If you have clogged or unsafe drain culverts, call Living Waters Aquariums and Ponds. We Repair Stormwater BMPs:

  • Embankments
  • Outfalls
  • Spillways
  • and more

You can count on us to get the job done correctly, with the right equipment. Please call to schedule a consultation with us today!


We clean filthy ponds

Is your pond suffering from an explosive growth of algae moss or worse- a fish kill?

Living Waters provides environmental cleanup services for:

  • summerkill
  • winterkill

All of Living Waters service packages come with a guarantee of quality and effectiveness. Call us today if you need a team to assemble at your job site in less than 24 hours.


The Living Waters team has been serving aquatic enthusiasts for twenty years and hence we help you however we can. Our mission is to serve everyone to our fullest capacity. We provide quality services for your pond or aquarium. It does not matter if your water feature needs immediate service or is still a dream, because we give quality service and aid you along the way. Our rates are competitive and our quality is second to none. If you do not receive the service that we promise to deliver, we will return to fulfill your needs. Cash, check, or card accepted. All estimates are free.


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