Weed & Algae

We provide licensed algae, weed and pest management for grass, water ways and banks.

Lake & Pond Maintenance

We do field test analysis on ponds. We clean filthy ponds, cut weeds & more.

Aeration &

We retail, service & install aeration & fountains: Airmaxx, Kasco and more.

Erosion Control

We fix eroding pond banks with low-maintenance landscapes

Lakes & Ponds

Management Services

Lake & Pond Management with local presence. Our team is headquartered in Wichita and serves the State of Kansas.
We provide contract services for lakes, stormwater ponds, algae & weeds, aeration, fountains, erosion control & landscaping.

Turf & Aquatic Pesticide Applicators


We are licensed aquatic vegetation and turf pest applicators.
Algae and pond scum control is our specialty- fast algae killers or long-lasting relief, our team delivers solutions!


We also specialize in natural landscape areas and controlling invasive plants along tree lines, fence rows, and creek areas. This means using selective herbicides to spot-treat weeds and leaving a low trace. We respect your great outdoors and want to preserve the long-term value of your property.

We work with the City of Wichita, commercial and municipal entities, housing associations and landowners to control nuisance vegetation in neighborhood areas, in fields, on dams and around ponds. We target honeysuckle on embankments and we spot treat Johnson grass as it invades berms too.


We kill submerged waterweeds that interfere with fishing.
We apply long-lasting herbicides to rocks and sandy beaches.
Our licensed applicators will control weeds in ditches, lagoons, and around waterways including hybrid cattails, coontail, duckweed, water primrose and common reed (phragmites).


Integrated management is about controlling waters and their surrounding land to maintain seasonal maintenance objectives. One of the benefits is less harsh chemicals. We are Kansas leaders in this field of integrated management:
We test water quality and adjust pond pH & clarity.
We control runoff and pollution with grasses and flowers.
We service pond equipment & repair pond structures.

Kansas Pesticide License #100057

Lake & Pond Maintenance

We clean filthy ponds

Here are our top 5 maintenance services for Lakes & Ponds:

• Water Quality Field Analysis ($85.00)
• Pond Dyeing
• Fountain Repair
Erosion Control Landscaping
Fishkill Environmental Cleanup

All of Living Waters Aquatic Management packages come with a guarantee of quality and effectiveness. Call us today if you need a team to assemble at your job site in less than 24 hours.

Aeration & Fountains


Enchant your lake or neighborhood pond with the blooming beauty of a decorative fountain. Choose from a multi-tier jet, the geyser, arching streams and crown shapes. We have majestic plumes of water as high as 36′ into the air! Complete your formal appearance with colored fountain lights.

For further information on what pond fountain is right for your Kansas pond, see our buyer’s guide & FAQ


These serene umbrella-shaped fountains will help clean the top of your water. More efficient than a decorative fountain, these power-fountains dually-serve as surface aerators with a full, wide umbrella pattern. Great for the fish! Best option for ponds less than 5′ deep, too! Complete the fountain with colored lights.


This is our top seller! The EPA and Kansas Dept of Wildlife Parks & Tourism recommend aeration as the greatest way to improve pond water health. Living Waters Aquariums & Ponds installs air diffusers at calculated depths to efficiently “turn your pond”. Follow our aeration FAQ guide and you will have a self-cleaning pond environment.


Living Waterfalls will create monumental beauty in your pond, and our well-designed waterfall will provide your pond more benefits than aerating fountains. Living Waters installs natural stone waterfalls of pristine delightfulness. They are resistant to the elements of time, weather, erosion, and foundation settling. Living Waters provides free estimates for waterfalls.

Pondscaping Erosion Control


You chose to co-habitate with a backyard wetland- congratulations!

We sympathize with you; drainage areas are troubled with pond scum from runoff and soil wash-out.

As a solution, we raise world-class wildflowers with roots to hold your soil in place and also absorb water pollution. Ornamental prairie grasses also abate stormwater and control erosion. We arrange these natives alongside waterways into formal gardens we call “Prairie Pondscapes”. These ecotype-gardens may comprise or incorporate rain gardens, bioswales, and BMPs. For more difficult situations, we inlay Prairie Pondscapes with riprap, geotextiles or greenspace technologies.
These landscapes require minimal maintenance.

Prairie Pondscapes typically qualify for tax-free breaks.