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Buyer’s FAQ Guide for Large Floating Pond Fountains, Aeration Fountains, Aerator Pumps & Lighting Kits

Do all pond fountains oxygenate your pond?

No. Water features are wonderful for contemporary landscapes, but most pond fountains cannot aerate any water outside their splash radius, because they use a high-pressure nozzle, which means they circulate low volumes of water.

Aerating fountains circulate larger volumes of water with an efficient low-pressure impeller pump. Therefore, aerating fountains increase the oxygen levels to depths of 4-5 feet. This is sufficient for aerating most Kansas ponds. However, if you want to improve fishing and clarity, sub-surface diffusers will produce deep and wide aeration in the whole Pond Guys.

Kasco's decorative pond fountain "Birch" produces an aeratious geyser of water. However, "Birch" uses a low-volume nozzle with a narrow footprint.
Kasco’s decorative pond fountain “Birch” produces an aeratious geyser of water. However, “Birch” uses a low-volume nozzle with a narrow footprint.

Decorative Fountains vs. Aerating Fountains

Both aerating fountains and decorative fountains are designed for outdoor display purposes. They both produce elegant displays of water during the day and at night with illumination. But here’s the confusion: decorative fountains can be mistaken for aerating fountains because the v-shaped trumpet fountain is popular for its beauty. However, a trained eye may be able to identify the fountain’s differences from a close shore.


Similarities between decorative fountains and aerating fountains

Aerating fountains and decorative fountains are mounted with the same interchangeable lighting kits.

Both are attractive display fountains.

Decorative pond fountains like the Kasco 3400 "Willow" produce a contemporary trumpet shape using a low-volume nozzle.
Decorative pond fountains like the Kasco 3400 “Willow” produce a contemporary trumpet shape using a low-volume nozzle.

Both use about the same amounts of energy.

Most fountain motors range in size from 1/2 to 5 horsepower.


Differences between the main types of display pond fountains

Decorative Fountains

Decorative fountain patterns are simply modified by changing the nozzle (brands).

They produce narrow streams of water  to heights of 15-30 feet.

Decorative fountains create delicate displays of streaming water.

Most decorative fountains aerate small volumes of  shallow water of less than 1/8 acre.


The 600gpm NorthStar aerating pond fountain by Scott Aerator emits a V-shaped display
This tall 600gpm NorthStar aerating pond fountain by Scott Aerator emits a narrow V-shaped display.
Illuminate with optional color-changing LED lights.
Aerating Fountains

Aerating fountains produce a v-shaped, or trumpet pattern 8-15 feet tall.

These display pond fountains cast a heavy shower of large water droplets in a wide radius.

They circulate water to a depth of 4-5 feet.

These fountains aerate more water with less evaporation using the same amount of energy.

Why do I want to choose a decorative fountain?

Decorative fountains can be configured with many types of fountain jet appearances.

Decorative fountains are ideal for use with diffused aeration, or when you already have clear water.

Choose a decorative fountain when you are creating a strong focal point with a cluster of fountains.


Kasco VFX aerating pond fountains can be equipped with various LED light kits
Kasco VFX aerating fountains can be equipped with various lights including Color-changing RGB LEDs and high-intensity white LEDs.

What lighting options are for a decorative fountain or aerating fountain?

Living Waters Aquariums & Ponds sells lighted fountains by major manufacturers- Air-O-lator, Easy Pro, Kasco, Oase, Scott Aerator and of course AquaMaster. All provide options for soft white or colored lighting. Since the last decade, LEDs have outperformed other lights as their lower temperatures attract less moisture. Therefore, LED fountain lights require less maintenance. All fountain lights are compatible with timers and photocell sensors. Additionally, some manufacturers include GFCI timers with the lighting kit.

A soft white glowing fountain serves purposes. It marks your waterway at night. It attracts night-feeding fish. And naturally, your glowing fountain is a modern landmark. Soft white lighting kits have simpler replaceable components.

Color-changing RGB or RGBW lights are popular options due to cost and convenience. Controlled with long-range lighting remotes, changing the character of your fountain is hassle-free. So with the push of a button, you can change the fountain’s color from blue to gold, or a fading sequence. Do you want to sync your lights with audio? No problem. Living Waters Aquariums & Ponds can serve you.

How do I get pond fountains installed in my pond?

Living Waters installs all size fountains for commercial, industrial and residential HOA ponds. We even supply fountains for golf courses, lakes or 1/4 acre farm ponds.  In cases of on-site analysis, Living Waters takes measurements of your pond to find what fountain best suits your needs. Your fountain must be securely installed to operate in fluctuating water levels. On the embankment, we lead the electrical cords through conduit for safety. We install fountains with the intent to simplify their maintenance, because we also service and maintain the fountains that we install.

How often does my fountain require maintenance?

Pond fountains operate best with cleaner suction screens. For this reason, some of the best manufacturers recommend to pull the fountain to shore for routine maintenance once every month. This is especially important after heavy rain, when floating debris may be swept into your pond and attracted to the suction screen. However, your fountain may operate many months without a measurable decrease in suction.

Living Waters Aquariums & Ponds supplies all of your fountain needs. We clean screen parts, remove winding debris from the drive shaft, and inspect mineral buildup equipment every visit. We may also repair bad lights, clean pumps, replace worn seals, and change nozzle patterns. Call us to schedule your bi-monthly fountain cleanings from April to November.

Can I run my fountain all winter?


Firstly, your fountain may be safely left in the pond during winter. And second, your fountain is guaranteed to operate as long as ice does not form around the radius.

When the entire pond becomes iced-over, it is a good idea to unplug your fountain. Decorative fountains will operate normally in temperatures below freezing. However, fountains that are used for aeration may be shut off during the frosty months to save energy. This is because cold water stays clear and carries much more oxygen than warm water.

(Sub-surface diffuser systems operate continuously year-round, and need once-yearly maintenance.)

What kind of guarantee comes with my fountain?

Living Waters Aquariums & Ponds guarantees their installation workmanship to be secure in the environment and free of any defects. Good-quality electric motors have long warranties. The other fountain system components, such as a pump head or a lighting kit, typically have 2-year warranties. Small Kasco fountains have 2-year warranties. Scott Aerator places a 5-year warranty on the motors.

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