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The cold muddy depths of your pond create a “thermocline” barrier (a) where light cannot enter and oxygen is gobbled up. Your pond deep-end (b) stops contributing to pond health and brews a noxious stench. Algaes and surface scum (c) are prevalent in the nitrogen cycle. Fish growth may be stunted.

Note: During some weather events, Wichita ponds in this condition may violently “turn-over”, causing the healthy top layer to mix with the sulfurous mud and result in fishkill.


The EPA and Kansas Dept of Wildlife Parks & Tourism recommend aeration in ponds as the #1 way to improve pond water health.

Diffused aeration improves water quality in ponds as deep as 50 feet.

By doing 3 things, our diffused aeration systems create a self-cleaning pond:

1) Diffused aeration is scientifically proven to shrink these thermocline barriers: The diffuser (d) emits a column of millions of tiny bubbles  below the thermocline layer. These bubbles diffuse oxygen and absorb toxic gases. The rising bubbles disrupt the thermocline (e) and lift big loads of spoiled cold water that were trapped in the pond depths.

2) The millions of bubbles scrub your water with oxygen as they rise. The bubbles erupt at the surface (f), and  the oxygenated water rushes in all directions across the surface. Sunlight, air, aerobic microbes, and shoreline biofiltration clean this dirty water.

3) This bubble curtain creates a far-reaching vortex (g) of water motion in the pond. Water movement dissolves the thermocline completely, and balances the water temperature. The vortex continually sweeps oxygenated water over the organic sludge, which proliferates aerobic microbes. Over time, the organic sludge is being exhaled from your pond.

Note: Increased water quality supports (h) beneficial shoreline flora (i.e. shamrock, hairgrass). When a pond matures, the combination of plants and aerobic microbes are efficient waste-reducers, and outperform the algaes.

Living Waters Aquariums & Ponds sells and installs all manner of diffused aeration systems. We take measurements of your pond to ensure we will turn your pond effectively. And we cover our installed packages with a results guarantee.

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