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Integrated Vegetation Management

Aquatic weed and turf pest applicators for the State of Kansas


Restore your pond’s purpose quickly! Gaze upon your clean pond!

We control weeds on riprap and rocks. We control filamentous string algae and pond scum, submersed and floating waterplants, plus marginal (emergent) plants like Typha cattail. With the control of pond weeds, our aquatic weed control gives you a view of your pond in nature.

Did you know?
Cattails are the breeding zone for a type of mosquito known to carry diseases such as West Nile.

Aquatic treatments include:

  • riprap weeds
  • algae
  • pond scum
  • waterweeds
  • hybrid cattail
  • common reed
  • pond pH
  • mineral solutions


Our licensed pesticide applicators are ready to treat your lawns. We treat difficult areas including the tree-line, natural berms, fence rows, grass buffers and ponds.
Grasses we care for include:

  • Fescue, Bermuda and Buffalo grass
  • Bluestem, Switchgrass & Indian Grass
  • Fields and native grasslands


We use a combo of conventional low-impact sprayers, cultivation and mechanical equipment, to get the job done right the first time. We remove overgrowth and woody vegetation that reduces grassland beauty. We control poison ivy, asian bush honeysuckle, japanese honeysuckle vine, johnson grass, eurasian milfoil, phragmites, and willow trees.

Service Prices

Kansas Pesticide License #100057

Starting at $300

Algae, Waterweed, Riprap Control

We treat algae, cattails, dirty water, pond scum, riprap rocks, and water plants.
By boot and by boat.

Starting at $200

Weed Control Applications

We treat turf fescue grass and lawn weeds, as well as berms, embankments and grass pond buffer zones.

Starting at $275

Native Habitat Control Applications

Trained applicators spot-treat weeds and brush in native grass fields and creek habitat, and berms, fence rows, tree lines.

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Living Waters Aquatic Management is a consulting and contracting company for integrated management of lakes, ponds and watersheds. We are your single source for:

  • aeration & fountain support
  • aquatic algaecides
  • bio-retention gardens
  • erosion control landscaping
  • fish stocking
  • natural water quality adjustments
  • pond dyeing
  • water quality testing
  • weed control

When someone says you need Integrated Pest Management

The management of ponds and their surrounding turfs to cultivate seasonal maintenance objectives while sustaining the quality of all parts of the land.

It’s the same cost as conventional weed control. We just use different products, including aquatic amendments, mechanical controls or bacteria. Our goal is to manage costs and lower herbicide use.

Yes we give free estimates. However, we have a $95.00 consulting fee for an on-site visit and proposal request.

We are insured as a landscape & pesticide management company. We fulfill all required jobsite licenses for our workers, utilities and subcontractors.

Integrated Management Trends

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Living Waters Aquatic Management has over 20 years experience with identifying & treating fish disease. In necessary situations we are capable of isolating a fish that shows signs of infection, and netting the individual. Based upon the signs of infection, and an inspection of the fish, we are equipped to collect a scraping. Using the slimy residue of this scraping, we prepare a glass slide and visually confirm the presence of fish disease under microscope.


Living Waters Aquatic Management will stop swampy mosquito breeding habitats with pesticides! If you have a mosquito larva infestation in your pond, we can eradicate the problem at its source habitat with an integrated pesticide application, saving you big time and money in the long run!

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