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Provider of ornamental koi ponds, fountains, and goldfish watergardens in Ark City, El Dorado, Hutchinson, Newton & Salina.

We guarantee clean and clear water results that work! With fast delivery!

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Complete Pond Cleaning
Have you seen what's on the bottom of your pond?

Living Waters Complete Pond Cleaning is Wichita's #1 choice for both price and quality.

Pure Pond Maintenance
Like a masterpiece by great painter Claude Monet...

Living Waters values first impressions and water lilies.

Pond & Fountain Repairs
Do you have Leaks, Mechanical Failures or Crumbling Rock?

We fix em all!

Water Quality Services
Does something seem funny about your water?

We deliver instant solutions for all water problems- If you have questions, we provide answers.

Signature Living Water Gardens

We dream in color and sound.

We specialize in building beautiful, flawlessly functioning, priceworthy ponds.


Step-by-Step Communication

For everything from a complete backyard paradise to a mulched garden bed, we have experience, skill, and great rates!

Sprinkler Repair & Lightscaping

We share a responsibility in the upkeep of your property.

And folks who spend a lot of time watching a pond learn this:

Big Pond Services
Inspection, maintenance & repair for farm ponds & retention ponds.

You deserve the team that fulfills contracts for the Wichita Stormwater Management Division in compliance with the EPA NPDES.

Emergency & Vacation Services
Your fish deserve the best care

We understand what your pets mean to you, and we care.



We specialize in eco-friendly landscapes with kansas-tested products.


Quality Guaranteed!

Your water feature must be cleaned each year to remove winter decay.

What can you expect with the Living Waters cleaning service?

We begin by filling a giant tub with your pond water and placing your pet fish into it. After this, we thoroughly clean every rock and crevice in your pond using natural and safe techniques. Finally, we acclimate the fish back into the pond filled with crystal-clear water and beneficial bacteria.

This method of cleaning was made popular with the Victorian-era invention of aquariums, and is today the preferred cleaning method of pond professionals.

Make a booking request for your clean pond anytime between March and October!



Pristine bodies of water create strong gathering points for mankind.

But it can be a challenge to keep your waters pure enough to eliminate algaes and murkiness.

Additionally, your koi benefit from cleanliness and pH balance.

We work with you. You feed your fish. We want to provide helpful tips to make your pond function better with less work. Our maintenance tasks include but are not limited to: rinsing filter pads, removing nusiance algaes, deterring predators, maintaining plants and fish, dosing water treatments, and refilling the pond. Your water quality will be exceptional.

Our exclusive Pure Pond Services are available to owners of high quality ponds, such as a signature Living Water Garden, or those who wish to fill their pond with purity and life.

Complete maintenance service costs begin at $100.00 per month for 7 months. Call us today for the sanctification of your water garden.


We repair all styles of fountains and ponds- especially fountains and ponds made out of stone, rubber liner, or concrete.

Living Waters uses durable materials and best methods for all-weather submerged environments. Furthermore,  like any good mechanic, we have the expertise to detect and adjust related problems in your pond. This results in permanent fixes to your fountain or pond at an affordable price.

Fountain & pond repair costs start at $85 for a variety of same-day repairs.

A full pond rebuild starts at $3500. Book an appointment to see if you qualify for a partial pond rebuild.

Established watergarden with large waterfall grasses and lilies



See your fish again! We provide an instant fix for ponds with cloudy water!

Sometimes you have less than a week to turn a pondscape from green to clean. We will get it done fast!

Easy water gardening is about building a holistic ecosystem, and to get this job done, we use either conventional or natural methods, depending on your specific needs. We use the following methods to beautify your pondscape: Water lily plantings, hand-spread cleaning crystals, algaecides, oxidizers, oxygenator plants, filter media, beneficial bacteria, and more.

Our standard treatment appointments start at $150 and we guarantee their effectiveness so please schedule a treatment today!



Winterizing your backyard pond is a hefty job and it must be done before the December chills! We will quickly prepare your koi goldfish plants and pumps to survive a frozen winter.
Our winterizing packages are as little as $150.00 for small and medium ponds.

Call us today-Guaranteed results!



Our Signature Living Water Gardens fuse classic pond heritage with modern construction practices. We begin with a tailored hand-drawing. As we team your dreams with our vision, we create an elegant self-cleaning pond. Our dream ponds deliver exceptional water quality, thereby supporting water lilies, umbrella palms and precious koi.

The production of these timeless backyard beauties requires proportional plans, mitered edges and leveled construction blocks. Our unique pond shapes dually discourage visitations from predator waterbirds. This result adds to a classic reflection pool that mirors the natural stonework along the water’s edge.

Especially relevant, Living Water Gardens are constructed with underlayed 0.45 mil EDPM rubber. We only use high-quality materials- never stone that will alter pH nor crumble. These exceptional Projects are done on an efficient timeline.

Owners of our Living Water Gardens receive 8 months free membership to our exclusive Pure Pond Program. Give us your water garden idea and we will give you a free estimate.


We are excited to be considered by you for all of your garden and landscaping plans.

Common landscaping jobs are to erect rock walls, natural stone patios, insert round stone for ground drainage, perform skilled arbor work, plant, trim and mulch.

Along with water features, our landscaping styles tend to incorporate natural landscaping, dense dutch gardening, and sometimes xeriscaping.

Finally, we have very competitive landscaping and gardening rates. Please inquire for a free estimate.


Living Waters will also perform the following home services:

Landscape Lighting Installs

Don’t let your pond lights, path lighting, tree lights and up-lights be an afterthought. Landscape lighting is an important safety & security component for homes, paths and ponds. Good lightscapes require planning so let’s get started designing your outdoor lightscapes today!

Lawn Sprinkler System Repairs

Residential & Commercial- Living Waters can keep your sprinklers operating efficiently. That means watering only the parts of your lawn you want, at the times you need. Our sprinkler experts are familiar with all types and brands of sprinkler systems, including Rain Bird, Toro, Nelson, and Hunter. Common repairs include leaks in lines, faulty sprinkler heads, low water pressure and irregular timing.

Living Waters can also take care of your winterization needs in the fall.

Serving the Wichita and south central Kansas area, Call Living Waters for sprinkler system maintenance.



Living Waters Aquariums & Ponds believes in using Stormwater best management practices (BMPs). We do weekly contract work with the City of Wichita Stormwater Management Division. Your pond usually makes a positive impact on your life. It is a piece of the waterways that refresh and clean our community. Our management practices, technology and functional aesthetics create the healthiest ponds in the Midwest!

Aeration bubbles are the single best thing you can do for your pond. Ask us why!

In addition, we give free estimates on:

Additional Resources

City of Wichita Stormwater Management

City of Wichita W.A.T.E.R. Center


If this is a fish life emergency, please immediately dose your fish pond with a double dose of Prime or Amquel and then call us.

If this is your first time calling us, here is what you can expect: We make all efforts to immediately answer phonecalls from all Kansas and Northern Oklahoma numbers. In the event that we do not answer your phone call, please consider sending us a text including your name and your most urgent service needs. We will either call or text back as soon as we intercept your text message. (We will check missed text messages before we check missed calls, and respond back in the order they are received.)

If you are interested in vacation Services, we will clean your filters and feed your fish. Some of our customers even make jokes, insisting their pond looks better than it did when they left, saying we do a better job than they do, that our vacation service is their secret weapon to keep it looking nice for the summer.

If you have a major water leak, please inform us and we will solve your problems with our skilled and discerning staff.

Are your fish listless, flipping, or scratching themselves? Do they sometimes make unexpected jumps? These are signs that you may need to have your pond temperature and pH recorded, and then proceed with a treatment. We also provide fast relief for gasping diseases such as chlorine, ammonia, and nitrogen toxification. Ponds are peaceful settings, and your wet pets have been bred for centuries in East Asia for the purpose of your tranquility and Zen. If something is disrupting the serenity of your fish, please call us.


The Living Waters team has been serving aquatic enthusiasts for twenty years and we will help you however we can. Our mission is to serve everyone to our fullest capacity. We provide quality services for your pond or aquarium. It does not matter if your water feature needs immediate service or is still a dream, we give quality service and aid you along the way. Our rates are competitive and our quality is second to none. Cash, check, or card accepted. All estimates are free.