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Wichita’s on-call team for professional quality aquarium service.

Provider of fish tank installs, cleaning and maintenance in Ark City, El Dorado, Hutchinson, Newton & Salina.

We guarantee a sparkling clean display piece! With fast results!

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Routine Aquarium Maintenance
Our utmost concern is for your clientele.

Our services also deliver peace-of-mind to you and your staff.

Aquarium Setups & Leasing
We Sell, Deliver & Install Turnkey Setups!

Buying and Leasing Options for all shapes and sizes.

Installs, Consulting, & Ala Carte Services

Education, Insights, Repairs, Testing, Transportation, Vacation & 24 Hour Emergency Services

Personal Aquarium Service
Does your tranquil tank deserve the best care?

Let us graciously serve you with Living Waters.

Living Waters Service Club


Interactive Live Displays
Affordable cleanings for high-traffic displays.

Including Touch and See Aquariums, Educational Tanks & Live Seafood Establishments!


All You Do Is Feed The Fish!

  • Create a conversation piece for staff and clientele!¹
  • Reduce stress and lower blood pressure of your clientele!² ⁴
  • For Alzheimers patients- increase food consumption, body weight and reduce nutritional
  • Regularly hold the attention of Alzheimers patients for up to 30 minutes!³

We love seeing blissful fish in clean aquariums

They are stress-free.

Therefore, its no surprise that our longest clients are retirement facilities and dental offices. We equip our staff with  kits containing tests from brands like API and Salifert. We take recordings of various salts, pH and temperature. Many aquarium pumps and equipment require extensive knowledge of manuals and procedures. In general, your aquarium will need just a little more care than a standard home aquarium. Because image is important, you choose the cleaning schedule that works for you:

  • Twice-a-week maintenance
  • monthly maintenance
  • anything-in-between

Your aquarium is a priceless treasure. But all you need to do is feed the fish! Therefore Living Waters Aquarium Maintenance starts with the same 5-step routine during every service call. We will-

  • vacuum gravel (if you have live plants or corals, we clean around them)
  • refill the aquarium with new water
  • scrape & scrub algae
  • clean filters and equipment
  • redecorate and polish glass

Living Waters service is consistent and reliable

Our staff understands that every aquarium has slightly different biology. We attend to the specific care and testing requirements of your aquarium. We use API and Salifert brand test kits and instruments for recording pH and temperature.

Do you have a premium-quality setup? Here’s another thing to consider: We prefer to work with your personal tastes because it increases our underwater creativity.

Living Waters has routines for all budgets! Routine Water deliveries start at $35.00 (monthly rate for saltwater aquariums up to 100 gallons)

Call for a free estimate!

² Beck, A. M. and A. H. Katcher, A. H. 1984.A new look at pet-facilitated therapy. J. Amer. Vet.
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Aquariums naturally draw people with aquatic life and energy. Moreso than screens or signs, aquarium displays receive heavy traffic.


We professionally service:

  • All indoor ponds and fountains
  • Educational exhibits
  • Touch-and-see aquariums
  • Live seafood displays
  • Marineland Aquarium Retail Systems (MaRS)
  • Live bait displays

Living Waters staff have been trained with MaRS, seafood corporate guidelines, and government procedures with various agencies. Many live displays will require extensive knowledge of aquarium manuals and procedures. Specifically, these display aquariums demand greater knowledge about plumbing and electricity than a standard fish tank.

Whether your live display needs weekly maintenance or quarterly maintenance, we have the perfect option for you. Please call us for a routine service estimate.


Living Waters Dream Aquaria

Living Waters dream aquaria embody two things: classic aquarium architecture and signature aquatic gardens.

Only two timeless materials have a legacy in the heritage of aquarium-making: our aquaria showcase these archival elements of woods and glass. Beneath our elegant formal composure is quality filtration. These unique aquaria contain life support systems and modern monitoring instruments. Therefore, our precious jewels of the sea, such as the regal blue tang will demonstrate exceptional liveliness in our dreamlike habitats.

Living Waters completes your Feng shui with tailored aquarium decorations to make your fish home feel right-at-home.

We invite you to join the Living Waters dream experience with a chance to receive complementary membership to our exclusive service circle!


Living Waters offers one-on-one consultations, education, and planning. Living Waters also provides emergency and moving-related services. To access the best rates, please schedule your service appointment in advance.

Rapid Aquarium Moving Service

Fast aquarium disassembly and removal, speedy transportation, and rapid aquarium setup.

Aquarium Setup

Living Waters will assemble, set up, install and establish any aquarium, any brand, anytime. We serve Kansas, El Dorado and the Wichita area.

Equipment Repair

Living Waters repairs aquarium filters, aquarium plumbing, and broken lights.

Fish Emergency Service

Living Waters takes emergency service calls. If you are experiencing an emergency, call. We may be able to help. Please add a double dose of Prime to your aquarium while you wait for us to help.



Living Waters will assemble, deliver and install turn-key aquarium setups. And because instant aquarium success will save you money, time and heartache, we use tried-and-true filtration and equipment. Our value-priced setups do not use cheap heaters nor gimmicky lights. And because you want your aquarium to still look nice in 6 months, our setups use no silk plants and no crushed coral. We also avoid pressed wood aquarium stands (like what you would find at a box retailer).  In fact, we guarantee that you will have a very well-suited aquarium for your needs at an incredible value.

If you wish to purchase an aquarium on a budget, ask us about LEAUGE the Upgradeable Hobby Aquarium program. LEAGUE is…

  • A very basic aquarium setup…

LEAGUE members enroll in a free club, with the option to buy now or later…

  • The most important components!
  • Right when you need it next!
  • in convenient bundles!
  • economical and sturdy!
  • no-frills!
  • pay-as-you-go!

LEAGUE is for any person or place that wants to be a fish owner!

LEAGUE is backed by over 20 years of aquarium research.

Freshwater, saltwater, or reef- this program allows you to purchase a quality aquarium setup for an incredibly low price. You become the owner of a no-frills, hassle-free aquarium. As your aquarium quickly matures, the LEAUGE 8-stratum program allows you to purchase subsequent filtration and equipment modules to take your aquarium to advance LEAGUEs! This is not a subscription service. A LEAGUE Setup will feed your growing hobby experience from 0 to 100 in the most safe and efficient way possible!


If you are interested in an easy-option and flexible aquarium, consider a lease!

  • Low up-front cost
  • 100% tax-deductable operating expense
  • Short-term leases
  • Flat monthly rate
  • More equipment options and flexibility
  • Zero maintenance costs
  • No hidden/surprise costs

Contact Living Waters today!


The Living Waters team has been serving aquatic enthusiasts for twenty years and we will help you however we can. Our mission is to serve everyone to our fullest capacity. We provide quality services for your pond or aquarium. It does not matter if your water feature needs immediate service or is still a dream, we give quality service and aid you along the way. Our rates are competitive and our quality is second to none. Cash, check, or card accepted. Most estimates are free.



Vince Mott and Mark Young work at Marine Extremes. Troy Langhofer works at Pet World and Aquariums by Design.

Tina Spears and Rick Spears own The Aquarium in Old Town. Mark Good is a radio personality.

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