Simply Feeding Fish Once A Day

What if I can only feed my fish 5 times a week?

Healthy fish will beg to eat meals bigger than their tummys can stretch.

Fish in the wild prefer to look for food in the morning and evening.

Fish are natural foragers and will not pass-up an easy meal.

In fact, when you approach a fish tank and the fish act hungry, this means they are well-fed.

If your aquarium gets cleaned once-a-month, we recommend feeding fish once a day.

You may also feed your fish just on weekdays (x5), but only feed what they can consume in less than 5 minutes!

If your aquarium is cleaned twice-a-month (bi-weekly), you may use our reliable automatic fish feeders.


Why Should I Only Be Feeding Fish Once A Day?

Studies say fish recognize the face that feeds them 80% of the time!

Health studies routinely publish the human benefits derived from simply feeding fish or watering houseplants.

When you spend time observing the fish, you understand why such a chore is a common health interest.

Fish will develop a feeding reaction of coming to the top of the aquarium every time you approach them

There are many other methods of feeding fish. If you see a different routine that may work for you, we encourage you to try it.


What kind of food should you feed your fish?

Feeding rings will keep your aquarium tidy

Many small freshwater fish will thrive on high-quality flakes.

You need to know if you have Cichlid fish. These and other medium-large fish will thrive on a medium or large pellet such as Hikari.

Some saltwater fish will thrive on premium-quality flakes or pellets.

Most saltwater fish will highly-benefit from a once-weekly feeding of frozen food.

The healthiest fresh and saltwater aquariums feed frozen daily.


How much should you feed fish?

Feed your fish no more food than they can consume in 5 minutes.

A pinch is not an accurate way to describe feeding fish once a day.

A fish’s stomach is only the size of its eyeballs.

Feed your fish a tiny amount that they can consume in 30 seconds.

Place food in spots that do not get quickly sucked up by the filter.

Watch them consume all food before it touches the bottom of the aquarium.


Stop feeding if the fish do not eat, and there is uneaten food still remaining.

You need to see little food or none at all remaining in the aquarium after 3 minutes.

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