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Causes and Treatments for Ich

Presence of the Ich disease is an indicator that something in your aquarium is causing stress on the fish. This stress factor can be caused by:


  • Temperature changes
  • New Tank Syndrome
  • Ammonia
  • Nitrites
  • other disease
  • Bully fishes
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Detritus (organic waste)
  • Osmotic stress (too little salt and/or minerals)
  • Nitrates (in rare cases)


To treat ich:

1) Test the water. Remedy the stress factor. (This may include adopting out the bully fish)

2) Do a 25% water change.

3) Increase the aquarium temperature to 80-82 degrees

4a) If you have pH less than 6.8, OR if you have plecos, loaches, or cory cats, add wonder shells OR triple sulfa (1 packet per 10 gallons)

4b) For all other circumstances, add 1/2 tsp salt per gallon (1 tsp/gal for livebearers & cichlids)

5) Remove carbon from filter. Treat with Kordon Rid-Ich for 3 days (try a half-dose for plecos, loaches, and cory cats)

6) On day 3 your problem should be gone. Do another 25% water change. Add fresh carbon or filter cartridge.

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