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Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier Installs for Fish Tanks

In order to fulfill the maintenance needs of our commercial and residential aquarium clients, we service and sale reverse osmosis systems.

Water Purification for Aquariums

If you have a saltwater aquarium, you have heard the importance of purifying water that you add to the aquarium. This means more than dechlorination. Our earth’s ocean is always the same mineral composition everywhere. Delicate corals and fish thrive in this specific composition!  To further complicate our job, any premium salt mix is only 98% accurate at best! And we care about our fish enough for them to thrive despite accuracy challenges. Tap-water contains minerals and particles that we must remove to maintain seawater purity & equilibrium.

Purified water is ideal for many freshwater fish and plants. In fact, most tropical community fish thrive in very soft rainwater. Likewise, our reverse osmosis filters produce this soft water.

Purified Water for the Home & Office

Purified water brightens coffee flavors.

Micro-filtered water has other uses too. It is ideal drinking water. It makes crystal-clear ice cubes. And for dental offices, purified water sterilizes tools. Sterile autoclaves clean tools with de-ionized water of 99.9% purity. This is the same pristine water we recommend for reef aquariums. Our purified water does not leave spots on glass. It is ideal for cleaning windows or rinsing crystal-ware.

Reverse Osmosis Systems Installs in Wichita and South-Central Kansas

Reverse Osmosis filters and can be installed in small cabinets. The filters are the size of a few cleaning products. To install a filtered water faucet, we run a small tube to the spigot. Another water line can run to a refrigerator, ice maker, and coffee maker. We can also run an additional thin line to the auto top-off device in a fish tank. We will install basic filters in as little as an hour. Our basic 3-stage reverse osmosis systems produce up to 75 gallons per day. And a reservoir ensures that you always have a constant supply of water at the spigot. Installed 3-stage filters start at $999.

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