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Quality BMP retention pond services. Mobile aquarium shop technicians for tropical freshwater saltwater and coral reef fishtank cleaning service, installation and maintenance. Pond Contractor for sustainable ornamental koi fish ponds and landscape water-gardens in the in Ark City, El Dorado, Hutchinson, Newton, Salina & Wichita.


“Living Waters – Aquariums & Ponds” is a team of dedicated aquatic enthusiasts serving the Wichita area for twenty years.  Our mission is to give you the best quality of service we can provide right now! And if we cannot, we simply refer you to someone.  Our specialty is maintenance, cleaning, installations and emergency service, and we have a passion for making your dream projects a reality.

We provide easy packages for your aquatic projects and step-by-step cleaning and maintenance services- we are more than happy to provide you with a free estimate.  Once a project has been approved, we will begin working at the nearest available date.

Let’s work towards a lasting partnership to enhance your home or business and pamper your aquatic pets.

Aquarium Services

Whether you need a quick aquarium overhaul or scheduled, dependable maintenance, Living Waters is right for the job. Custom game-plans! Tailored dosing charts! We have the know-how to complete your biggest aquarium dreams. Living Waters is also your leading provider with:

  • Living Waters Dream Aquaria
  • Live seafood displays
  • Aquarium leases
  • Education-related talks
  • City projects

Koi Ponds & Watergardens

Do you love watching glimmering rays of sunshine splashing off the rocks and pebbles in your water feature? Does it lift your mood to see koi fish gracefully break the shimmering lines of sunlight in their underwater flight?

Our job is to make this happen for you.
We do not rest until your water garden brings you peace of mind.

Farm Ponds & Retention Ponds

From the farmland to the covenant community, we deliver clear and reliable results. See our fast and efficient services!

Greenspace Technology

We are industry-leading bioretention consultants. Here is a snapshot of what we do:


We are easy to work with and we do quick skillful services for your aquarium and pond needs.

Our team is also on-call for emergencies or can be scheduled for routine maintenance and services. We are now accepting all forms of payment, except fish food. Our fish already got fed penty today!

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