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Living Waters Aquatic Management is a pond & aquarium maintenance company. Since 2007, we have been providing professional services for aquatic systems in Wichita & South-Central Kansas. We provide service in the biological, chemical & mechanical disciplines. Living Waters accepts all forms of payment except fish food. 🙂 Our hours of service are weekdays from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

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Aquascaping Jargon & Basic Definitions

Types of Aquascaping Dutch Aquarium The Dutch aquarium dates back to the 1930’s when glass cages made their first commercial appearance. An glimpse of a Netherlandish master garden will explain why the pioneers of aquascaping left their mark. This technique employs a lush arrangement in which multiple types of plants having diverse leaf colors, sizes,…

7 Flowering Native Retention Pond Plants that grow on rip-rap embankments in Wichita Kansas

7 Flowering Native Retention Pond Plants that grow on rip-rap embankments in Wichita Kansas

On episode 4 of ‘Big Dreams, Small Spaces’  host Monty Don jests, saying “No garden needs more than seven plants.” How could we only choose 7? Our shopping list has over 100 native retention pond plants! There are too many good ones to choose from; why not be specific? Here are the 7 best semi-aquatic…

Pond Aeration Aerator Pumps-Improve circulation and kill algae with a self-cleaning retention pond! Real results guaranteed

Without Aeration Your Pond May Spread Environmental Hazards Your pond is a catch basin for road chemicals, yard chemicals and runoff. They get filled with erosion, debris, feces, grass and leaves. This pollution becomes trapped in the cold muddy depths where light cannot enter and oxygen is gobbled up.Under these conditions, your pond may spread…

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