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7 Flowering Native Retention Pond Plants that grow on rip-rap embankments in Wichita Kansas


#5 Evening Primrose

Oenothera elata

Pros: massive summer blossoms

Cons: Blooms and reseeds biennially

This showy afternoon-bloomer is famous on the rocky coast of Monterrey California, but it is also a rare Wichita native!

The biggest, boldest performer of all evening primrose, this large wildflower blooms continuously from June to September. Its beauty calls the attention of passers-by on both evening and morning walks. That is enough reason for Hooker’s Evening Primrose to be listed as #5.

This coarse, 3′ biennial flower thrives in the upper slopes of rocky pond embankments. Each spire of this  clumping biennial produces one to four flowers at a time, growing to a maximum of 6′ by the end of September. This native retention pond plant is well-suited for plantings with other annuals, such as coreopsis.

Hooker’s Evening Primrose is visited by dawn, dusk, and night pollinators. During winter, the primrose seed pods are a valued food source for finches.

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