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7 Flowering Native Retention Pond Plants that grow on rip-rap embankments in Wichita Kansas


#2 Plains Coreopsis

Coreopsis tinctoria

Pros: A big bang for your buck!

Cons: must be mixed with other annual wildflowers

This native retention pond plant makes a statement!


And these are bold, fiery, maroon and gold blossoms from the end of June to the end of August. Also called Golden Tickseed, it blooms aplenty in a way that only annuals can produce, and is coveted for its naturalizing capabilities in calcareous soils. That is what makes Plains Coreopsis the 2nd Place Winner in the 7 Best Native Retention Pond Plants!

The Plains Coreopsis does not tolerate flooding. Its strength is that it is extremely cost effective to seed this plant onto riprap where nothing else is growing, and it will return to filter runoff from lawns and stormwater every year, until you wish to eliminate it from the riprap with herbicidal control.

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