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7 Flowering Native Retention Pond Plants that grow on rip-rap embankments in Wichita Kansas


#3 Rose Mallow Hibiscus

Hibiscus laevis

Pros: tropical blooms, floodproof, abates erosion

Cons: requires ample water, air and sunlight

The Rose Mallow is the second flowering shrub to grace our list of native retention pond plants. Hmm, what shrub could be better than the Hardy Hibiscus: Third Place Winner in the 7 best semi-aquatic wildflowers in the Wichita area?

Hardy Hibiscus are natural waterplants! And ALL hardy hibiscus thrive locally among riprap at the water’s edge, and are tolerant of sustained flooding, but ours are for erosion control, and therefore tax free! All hardy hibiscus fully die back in the winter, and grow rapidly in the heat. Sunlight and open space (for airflow) form hibiscus into an attractive shaped shrub, and their giant blooms open in the sunlight until the hot days end!


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